Nestled into the bustling summer destination of Bridgman, Michigan, Lost Dunes is an idyllic retreat from the pressures of city life. Surrounded by old-world Americana evidenced in every roadside produce stand, vineyard and craft boutique nearby. Lost Dunes offers the perfect location for a truly unique golf experience. Because of Lost Dunes' limited, exclusive membership, tee times are never required. On most days, members will never encounter other golfers during their round, encouraging players to relish the tranquility and focus singularly on each shot.

The striking setting, sensational golf, and elegant accommodations combine to offer members an exceptionally distinguished experience. The Lost Dunes experience. There are currently a limited number of membership opportunities available:

Maximum Memberships By Category: 75 Equity
  175 Non-Equity
  50 National (primary residence 150 miles or greater from club)
Membership Deposit    
Equity Non-Equity National
$65,000 $35,000 $17,500

Installment plans are available for Equity Membership and Junior installment plans are available for Non-Equity Membership under age 35.

2021 Annual Membership Program

We are currently offering a very limited number of "Annual" memberships for 2021. Annual members pay dues and receive the opportunity to experience Lost Dunes for the 2021 season. Once the 2021 season concludes, annual members are asked to convert to one of the permanent membership categories. Upon conversion, they receive a credit towards the initiation fee. The program is essentially an opportunity to "test drive" the club before making your membership decision.

If you have questions regarding any of the above programs or if you would like to arrange a visit to Lost Dunes, please email our General Manager, Bill Korbel or contact him directly via phone at 269.465.9300.